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Stay Connected. Donate to the Quiet Drive Today.

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WJFF Responds to COVID-19: What We Are Doing and What We Need

"Public media's local presence, our commitment to high quality journalism and trusted information, and our educational content are needed more than ever."

Pat Harrison, President & CEO, Corporation for Public Broadcasting - March 13, 2020

March 16, 2020

Dear Friend of WJFF,

As the GM of your community radio station, I am reaching out to update you on WJFF's response to the Coronavirus Outbreak and to ask for your help.

With the emergence of the pandemic threat, WJFF Radio Catskill has taken steps to assure we provide reliable and up-to-date information, protect the health of WJFF staff & volunteers and continue to build the resources we need to operate.

To provide you with reliable information, we have stayed in close communication with government agencies, health care providers and other experts in NY and PA. We are providing more frequent NPR News headlines, producing our own local news updates and announcing any changes as we learn of them. We have also created a Coronavirus Resources and Updates page on WJFF's web site with news and information from reliable sources.

To protect Radio Catskill's community of hard working volunteers, we have instructed them not to come to the station for at least two weeks - our own version of social distancing. This has left WJFF with just the 3 full time staff members to run the operations, with additional remote support from our volunteers. We are committed to keeping WJFF broadcasting 24/7 providing our listeners with important information and comforting entertainment.

Here is where WJFF needs your help:

Rather than interrupting programming with our usual Spring Fund Drive, WJFF has opted for a Quiet Drive format with much less on-air pitching. This clears the airwaves to bring you the news you need, but has greatly reduced the funds coming in to support this work.

Help WJFF continue to keep you connected to the world with a donation today. This drive is not about challenges or goals. It is about keeping this critical local media resource up and running in a time of crisis. We are doing all we can to give you what you need, but WJFF cannot do what we do without your support.

Be assured, we are here for you. With your help, we will face this crisis together.

With gratitude,

Dan Rigney
WJFF General Manager